Matt Greer

Pair Programming Is Not a Panacea

27. August 2014

For the past 3 years, I have almost exclusively pair programmed at my job. I have paired with many people in many situations and learned a lot about this practice. I have found pairing can be effective, but it can also be ineffective and costly. Pair programming seems to be gaining traction, which concerns me a little bit. Some of us really don’t like to pair, and I feel it’s important to recognize that and maintain a balance here. Pairing is just a tool like anything else, it definitely should not be your company’s default mode of work.


JavaScript Promises ... In Wicked Detail

09. February 2014

I’ve been using promises in my JavaScript code for a while now. They can be a little brain bending at first. I now use them pretty effectively, but when it came down to it, I didn’t fully understand how they work. This article is my resolution to that. If you stick around until the end, you should understand promises well too.


CoffeeScript's Time is Waning For Me

12. January 2014

CoffeeScript was a welcome addition when it first arrived. Nowadays though, I am finding its benefits are decreasing, and its drawbacks are increasing. I plan to no longer use CoffeeScript in my future projects, here is why.


Dynamic Lighting and Shadows in my 2d Game

17. October 2012

I’m working on a stealth action game where shadows will play a big role in the gameplay. Using WebGL shaders, I implemented dynamic lighting and shadows. This post is the blog post I wish existed before I started :) Gritty details on how I implemented these below…