Matt Greer

ClojureScript Internals - Vectors

26 January 2015

Today we’re taking a look at how vectors are implemented in ClojureScript. We’ll explore some of the trade offs made between performance and immutability, and we’ll get a feel for how a language like Clojure gets mapped into a language like JavaScript.


Reagent Rocks!

24 January 2015

Lately all of my front end work has been in Reagent, a ClojureScript interface to Facebook’s React. I’m really enjoying working with Reagent, this post attempts to shed some light on why.


Creating a Pegdown Plugin

26 December 2014

I recently found myself needing to create a Pegdown plugin. The documentation was a bit all over the place on this, so I figured I’d dump my end-to-end experience into a blog post for Google to consume.


Node sql-fixtures (a new module)

16 October 2014

I don’t think a fixture generator for PostgreSQL exists in NPM. If one does, I could not find it. So I went ahead and made one. Added bonus, it works with MySQL, MariaDB and sqlite as well.