Matt Greer

JavaScript is a Pass by Value Language

03 March 2015

A common misconception about JavaScript is that it supports both pass by value and pass by reference when calling functions. In actuality, JavaScript always passes by value.


Scrolling Animations With Reagent

26 February 2015

Here is a small demo of one of those gimmicky “scroll to animate” pages built with Reagent (which is based on React.js) and ClojureScript.


Embedding SVG into a Reagent Component

09 February 2015

SVG is still a pretty strange beast in browsers. I’m intrigued by it, but still haven’t found a truly killer way to bend it to my will. I’ve used D3 and other libraries in the past and enjoyed them, but I feel like SVG’s potential still has yet to be really unlocked. Can Clojure macros and Reagent be helpful with SVG?