Matt Greer

Scrolling Animations With Reagent

26 February 2015

Here is a small demo of one of those gimmicky “scroll to animate” pages built with Reagent (which is based on React.js) and ClojureScript.


Embedding SVG into a Reagent Component

09 February 2015

SVG is still a pretty strange beast in browsers. I’m intrigued by it, but still haven’t found a truly killer way to bend it to my will. I’ve used D3 and other libraries in the past and enjoyed them, but I feel like SVG’s potential still has yet to be really unlocked. Can Clojure macros and Reagent be helpful with SVG?


A Game Made With Reagent

03 February 2015

Mostly for the heck of it, I built Breakout using ClojureScript and Reagent. I was pretty pleased with the results.


ClojureScript Internals - Vectors

26 January 2015

Today we’re taking a look at how vectors are implemented in ClojureScript. We’ll explore some of the trade offs made between performance and immutability, and we’ll get a feel for how a language like Clojure gets mapped into a language like JavaScript.