Matt Greer

Electron, Redux and Persistence

31 January 2016

Redux is a nice pattern for React apps. But when wanting to persist my redux state across sessions for an Electron app, I hit some hurdles.


The Sega Saturn and Transparency

23 January 2016

The Sega Saturn is notorious for not being able to pull off transparency effects as well as its competitors. But the Saturn does do proper transparency effects as many games demonstrate. So why did so many developers so often settle on the “mesh” approach in their Saturn games?


Server Side React and Falcor

03 January 2016

Everything I have found about Falcor has been strongly focused on the client side. I am building a webapp that involves server side React rendering, and I wanted to use Falcor. Here’s how I wired up a server side Falcor “client” to accomplish this.


Impromptu Web Scraping

04 July 2015

The JavaScript console and the DOM API can be your friend when you need to grab some data from a website.