Matt Greer

React Internals, Part Four: setState

23 July 2017

In part four of this series we finally add setState to our little React clone. setState is a beast, so grab your favorite beverage and get comfortable!


React Internals, Part Three: basic updating

16 July 2017

In part one, our small React clone, Feact, was implemented far enough to do basic rendering. But once the render happens, that was it. In this part, we’ll add the ability to make changes to the app with subsequent renders. This part will begin to show how the virtual DOM diffing works.


React Internals, Part One: basic rendering

14 July 2017

In this five part series, we will “recreate” React from the ground up, learning how it works along the way. Once we’ve finished, you should have a good grasp of how React works, and when and why it calls the various lifecycle methods of a component.