Matt Greer

Some things I've made

Fighting Game Backgrounds Website

A website celebrating the art from fighting games

Neo Geo Sprite Tile Viewer

A tool to view the graphics inside Neo Geo games.

Tackle Box

Another game for the Arduboy. This one is inspired by Animal Crossing.


A game for the Arduboy console in the style of Zelda. Written in C++.


A little React webapp that takes your video game sprites and shows you how to build them out of LEGO.

Dragon Plunder

An HTML5 browser game where you must escape a dragon's lair that is crumbling all around you. Built with ImpactJS and my animation engine Plunder

Super Mario World Mega Review

A detailed review of Super Mario World. It was an experiment with Om, ClojureScript and HTML5 videos. It contains 53 videos and tends to be a little demanding on browsers :)

Breakouts and Engine Comparison Article

The "TodoMVC of JavaScript game engines". Breakouts gathers various implementations of the game Breakout in different JavaScript game engines. It enables people to explore and play with different engines to see which one fits them best.

Breakouts got its start by being the basis for a game engine comparison article that I wrote for

L7 and my engagement website

L7 is a game engine I wrote in JavaScript using WebGL. It is an experimental, low-res, "2D voxel" engine.

Using L7, I created, which celebrates my wife and I getting engaged

Particle Systems Article

Another article I wrote for This one goes into details of how to create particle systems from the ground up. It includes an interactive particle editor I wrote called particle.js