Matt Greer

Extracting Neo Geo Emulator Graphics Data to Create Animated gifs

13 May 2020

I recently built a tool that creates animated gifs for Neo Geo video games by extracting the data out of a running emulator. It turned out to be a pretty interesting project, so I thought I’d blog about it.


Squeezing the Arduboy For Every Byte

10 September 2018

I have been writing a game for the Arduboy portable game console. Space is very tight, so I thought I’d talk about some of the byte saving techniques I’ve been using.


Windows Subsystem For Linux's Chicken and Egg Problem

17 March 2018

I’ve been excited for the Windows Subsystem for Linux ever since Microsoft announced it as Bash on Ubuntu on Windows (yikes that name was crazy). Although it has come a long ways, it still has some road blocks that prevent me from really using it.